Brand Spotlight - isoi

isoi is one of those brands you may have not yet heard of, but once you discover them you cant live without!

The isoi philosophy is simple, use natural ingredients that are safe and that actually work to improve the skin with tested results. They were the first brand in Korea to be certified by the EWG in the USA, and have earned the German Dermatest rating of "Excellent". Suffice it to say, they are serious about their quality. 

As if that was not enough, they have been on the forefront of several campaigns to help support women and girls in terrible situations around the world.

Then back all of that up with amazing skincare that delivers on results, and you see why we swoon!

Check out 5 of our top isoi picks: Of course, this is just a few of the goodies the make, and it was so hard to limit this list to just 5!

 CICAGO’s Cica Double Effect Ampoule helps balance the moisture level of the skin while helping the skin to repair itself from daily aggressors. Helps reduce irritation and redness while deeply hydrating the skin. Naturally driven Arbutin helps brighten dark spots and overall skin tone to reveal skin’s innate healthy glow.

isoi's Bulgarian Rose Pore Tightening Tonic Essence is a toner that unclogs pores and cleans out blackheads and dead skin cells. Contains vitamin-rich fruit extracts to naturally exfoliate dead skin. Also contains Bulgarian rose oil, natural glycerin, and botanical extracts to help increase skin elasticity and reduce enlarged pores. Effective for restoring skin’s natural pH balance. Recommend for combination to oily skin.

 Bulgarian Rose Intensive Energizing Cream uses 25 natural ingredients for firming, anti-aging, and brightening effects. Active ingredients and plant-based oils improve skin elasticity by strengthening moisture lipids. Treats dull-looking skin and dark spots with ingredients proven to brighten the skin, resulting in a younger and fresher complexion.

A speedy spot clearing treatment that targets problem areas on contact and helps clear out blemishes. A quick, reliable solution for trouble-prone skin with a blend of eastern and western plant extracts of centella, bishop's weed, and tea tree. Its mild plant extracts balance out moisture and oil levels without clogging pores to enhance the skin's natural strength. This spot corrector fortifies skin's barrier to soothe the underlying causes of trouble and bring back flawless skin.

An ultra-moisturizing cream that keeps skin hydrated all day. Bulgarian rose oil and shea butter nourishes and moisturizes deep into the skin for long lasting hydration. isoi Waterfull Cream creates a moisture barrier on the skin surface to prevent dehydration and to balance the moisture level on the skin. Recommended for dry skin.

Founded by Jinmin Lee, who suffered with awful skin issues that made it painful to even wash, this quote from her really sums it up, and explains the isoi commitment to high quality natural ingredients that deliver. 

“Only those who have experienced skin problems can understand how painful they are.” — CEO JINMIN LEE

We hope you have a look and find a couple isoi treatments to add to your routine as well, you wont look back!

- Shrisada

LUX + YOU Beauty Co. Editor