First Treatments - Exactly what are they, and what do they do...

A lot of people have heard of, and practice, the multi-step Korean skin care routines. With routines as simple as 4 steps, to 7, or even more! I just want to focus on one of those steps, and explain why it is beneficial, and a step included in practically every Korean routine. The "First Treatment". 

What does this mean? Well, it is basically the first product you apply to your freshly washed skin. 

Typically, it is a light watery liquid you apply as a mist, with a cotton pad, or from your palm and patted onto the skin. Think, toner...

That is not to say all first treatments are toners, although some are. Some can be a plant essence, like mugwort, or calendula, to sooth the skin. Others can be more astringent and drying, while many focus on softening and hydration to prep your skin for your next steps. 

You have probably heard of the famous SKII brand, that boasts of the power of fermented yeasts as an excellent source of nutrients, and its ability to keep skin clear and young looking. It was originally believed that folks working in sake breweries had such amazing skin because of the fermented yeast and rice biproduct they were in contact with.

Many other brands also create a similar proprietary recipe filtered ferment first treatments. FYI...

The reason so many people find this first treatment to be so effective, is that it absorbs quickly, and often carries a lot of beneficial skin ingredients, without leaving a heavy layer on your face. Because, if you will be following it with a mask, a serum,  a lotion, an oil, etc. having a fast effective skin treatment is like having a golden goose!

I recommend you add one to your routine. even if you only follow 3 or 4 steps. It is worth the extra few seconds, and will help improve your skin with minimal effort. Find one based on what you would like to treat, (acne, dryness, brightening, texture, irritation, etc.) and is in your price range. 

In my opinion, you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on this step to see big results. Take a look at the selection of First Treatments we have on offer, and see for yourself! Find those in the "Toners & Essences" collection.

I personally use Misha, isoi, and One Thing, most often as my first treatments, depending on my needs. But like I said, it is all about what is best for you! 


LUX+YOU Beauty Co. Beauty Editor