Hot K-Beauty trends to watch in 2022!

We are seeing a growing consumer movement in these categories, so keep an eye on them in 2022!

  • Hair Care - 2022 is going to be a year of scalp/haircare. Unique formulas dedicated to heathy scalp will find their way into your routine. Salt Scalp Scrubs are the go-to in this category.
  • Retinol - Back in the spotlight, retinol & vitamin A , has actual collagen boosting abilities that firm and smooth skin, as well as treat acne related issues. If you have not already, add one to your routine!
  • Brightening - From vitamin C, to Niacin, consumers are adding serums, toners, and cream boasting brightening powers. Helping to fade dark spots, even skin tone, and shrink pores, we agree this is a can't miss step! However, in order to see real results, one  must use them consistently and not sporadically. 
  • Vegan - A huge move from consumers has been toward vegan skincare. Weather or not consumers eat animal products, over all we see them opting out of animal free skincare. With good reason... you don't need it! This is a growing trend we like to see. 

Keep you eyes on these categories, and try them for yourself! We will feature products from these categories throughout the year, and make sure you have the best of K-Beauty to choose from!

Happy New Year!

LUX+YOU Beauty Co.