Beat the Summer Heat and still look Amazing!

The heat is intense here in the Western USA. With record temps in the Pacific NW, and extreme drought and high fire risk here in Cali bringing an early fire season to most of the West. This is a tough time for many people. 

And this heat, dryness, and stress, can play havoc on your skin, and health!

Here are some tips to stay cool and protect your skin this summer:

  1. Don't want to look like a mummy? Then stay hydrated! The moist important thing you can do is chug water. Rather than drink larger amounts infrequently, it is best to drink small amounts regularly throughout the day, this will maintain your hydration levels, plump skin, and help prevent heatstroke. Make sure you and those around you have fresh clean water on-hand at all times.  TIP: If you find you are feeling dehydrated, the WHO recommends adding one teaspoon of salt and six teaspoons of sugar per liter to rehydrate.
  2. Know your limits! Do chores and tasks early in the day. Walk the dog, clean the house, prep the meals before the heat sets in. If you can avoid activities during the hottest parts of the day, you will feel better.
  3. Shade is your friend. If you need to go out, bring a large sun hat or a parasol! If you don't have a parasol, use an umbrella and bring the shade with you. Even if its just walking to the mailbox, or next-door to check on your neighbors!
  4. Skincare (of course) Silly. Use deeply moisturizing treatments, and a generous SPF. Yep, even if you are not going out. The LUX+YOU motto is "SPF Always Everyday". And use a sheet mask in the morning and evening too.
  5. Light meals. This may be obvious, as you have less of an appetited in extreme heat. However, you will need to keep your strength up. Snacking on fruit, and lighter foods will help keep you going all day without having to eat or cook a full meal over a hot stove. Opt. for salads full of veg, with a added protein of nuts and legumes if you are vegetarian. Or add a hardboiled egg, cheese, or tuna if you eat meat. Protein and berry smoothies are a great way to start the morning too. 

Did you know: Kangaroos lick their arms to keep cool! Yep, you can do the same. Well, don't lick yourself, but do apply a damp washcloth to moisten key parts of your body where blood is near the surface. The premise here is to maximize the evaporative cooling effects of water to cool your blood. Go for the back of your neck, inner wrists (you can see the blood vessels!), & feet. This evaporation will help cool the blood and keep you feeling cool and less stressed.

Stay Safe, Hydrated, and Beautiful this Summer. And don't forget to check on your loved ones neighbors too!


LUX+YOU Beauty Co.